Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thing 23--YEAH!!!

Reflections on Library 2 Play:

1. I have many favorites: I enjoyed setting up my blog, and making my avatar. We always seem to enjoy personalizing our life!
I use iGoogle as my homepage and go to my google reader almost daily to check everything--now I actually keep up with the news.
Making a widget (which I used in another tech class) and Library Thing are also things I enjoy.
The Common Craft videos were very well put together, and I see me using them with kids and teachers.
2. One of my goals was to find a quick way to stay current on current events and the google reader-feeder has accomplished my goal. I also wanted to find places that teachers could find lesson plans to help them with their needs also--and I did that also.
I also was always trying to find ways to keep up with technology and what is new, since it increases at an accelerated rate. The Web 2.0 award list and of course the wonderful people at SBISD will keep me up to date!
3. What surprised me the most out of this program is how much that is out there that I didn't know about. Not that I knew a lot but there is SO much, it was almost overwhelming at times. Another unexpected thing was the amount of stuff I could teach the staff and students. I am very excited about all the lessons I can teach and things that I can share.
4. The Program was very thorough and I found the format very easy to follow. I could do these types of learning programs EVERY summer! I hope to do the next Library 2 Play II next summer and elicit some teachers to do the Library 2 Play program next summer.
5. I will be checking on this program and its future frequently, to check for any new programs.
I actually put all the websites included in the Library 2 Play program in my favorites, delicious site and power point for teachers. As I mentioned above, I thoroughly enjoyed this type of program.
6. Stay Tech Savvy through Library 2 Play!!
7. On to commenting!!!
Thanks this was GREAT!!

Thing #22-Nings!

The Texas School Librarian Ning reminded me of the listserv, topics of converstation, etc. The Teacher Librarian Ning was really interesting. I found a really good topic on making widgets for databases that I will definately being making for this coming school year.
Since I am always finding ways or thinking of ways to help my teachers, the Ning for Teachers will be a great thing to show the staff. It has a lesson plan tab that I know the teachers will appreciate.
I could see myself really getting excited about making a Ning for my district librarians. We never get to talk or discuss things, or meet as often as I feel we should, so....having a discussion online would be a great way to share and collaborate!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thing #21

Photostory is a lot of fun. The "core" teachers use it for projects. I have used it introducing Lone Star Books, and my favorite is for banned book week. I wish I could find someone better than myself to "voice" the movies...maybe like Leonard Nemoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thing #20-TeacherTube

I have used TeacherTube videos a few times. Now that "book trailers" are becoming popular, I will probably use it EVEN more. When I had mentioned this last year, before knowing as much as I know now, A LOT of teachers laughed when I mentioned TeacherTube. If I show them already made videos I think they may think DIFFERENT! This is the most useful tool among the others, I feel. It is easy to use, and it is widely known.
book trailer for Carl Deuker's book--Gym
from TeacherTube

This Web 2.0 is more widely known then some of the others. I use TeacherTube and Youtube quite often, for educational use or just needing a "good" laugh!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thing #19

I REALLY like docstoc!! When I show teachers this (the one's that are unfamiliar with this) they will love me! On just the first page for teachers were beginning of the school idea sheets. Teachers are always looking for MORE ideas and worksheets, etc. I even found some jeopardy PowerPoints, which have become very popular.
Even parents of little kids (like myself) will like this: I am always looking for printables for my child to do on trips.
Istats will be another one I could share with teachers, especially the teacher's who play fantasy ball leagues. : )
This tool could be used as a topic of staff development after each summer. I could display these for exploration of new technological ideas for teachers. I put this website in my delicious bookmarks to remind myself each year. I might try it for this year just to see how the teachers like it. Librarians need to be up to date on technology and information. SEOmoz's Web 2.0 winners is one way to keep current, and know where to find the most accurate and useful information for patrons, and teachers.
I can't wait (as I have stated in other posts) to show all these wonderful tools to teachers on my campus!

Thing #18

I actually tested out Google Reader when I was experimenting with Google Tools. I downloaded a couple of documents. I am going to show the students how to download their documents from home and then show them how to view, edit, and delete from any computer with internet access. One of my concerns is: how worrisome should I be about students grades 6-8 making their own google account? (After their parents have approved an AUP form).
There are many advantages to Google Reader and Open Office. One is to actually NOT have to purchase Microsoft Office Software--which is VERY expensive. I know a lot of my students have computers but usually only use Microsoft Works (the standard on most computers), and to see this they will more options that are similar to Microsoft Office.

The disadvantage to Google Reader would be the students who do not have internet access at home. Hopefully one day we will fill in this technological gap.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thing #17

I looked for a common craft movie on some of the learning steps for learning how to "exactly" use Rollyo--I like it all spelled out and listed--just like in Library2Play!! So I "winged" it!
I am collaborating on a book study with an 8th grade American History Teacher (the first time). We are using King George: What was his problem? by
Steve Sheinkin. So...I made a rollyo called King George: What. And put a few websites in it for the teacher to look over. I might just make a Webquest instead. This was really confusing...I could just publicize my delicious websites into a group about King George III and the American Revolution. Knowing most teachers these days, he will want something simple like the webquest. But I will show Rollyo to some of my more Techno-Savy teachers who like fun new complicated technological things!